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I was just wondering what would be the useful podcasts for Managers of sales teams. I need some information on keeping high performers motivated, setting and meeting targets, etc. Basically, anything to do with sales teams.
Hope someone can help me out.
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There are definitely a bunch of sales related casts. For a while I was listening to Sales Roundup. It's supposedly focused on technical sales. I haven't listened in a while, so I'm not recommending, just remembering. :)


Looks like they're #19 in the business section at [url][/url] (Manager Tools is of course #1.)

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I would suggest you listen to the Manager Tools Basics casts first. I suspect you will get much more "bang for your buck" starting here.

I can't think of a single podcast that couldn't be geared towards your team one way or another. I can think of too many to list individually that would be of direct and immense value to your team - starting with the trinity!

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Thank you guys. Your help is much appreciated!


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I'm a Sales Manager and to be honest, 90% of the Manager Tools Podcasts relate to people whether it is sales, technical, accounting or really any department because it is a focus on the people and management. Even if it is not sales related, I still keep it in my memory or adjust it in a way that will fit the business.

Who knows, maybe one day you will move on from the sales management and into another type of management, but for now with Manager Tools shape it toward sales and you'll do fantastic!

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I am addicted to Manager Tools and Career Tools podcasts. Thanks so much for covering all that I need in real life that has never been covered in any business school and by any corporate training!

Has anyone come across any good Sales Management podcasts series (or blogs)? It has been a while since this discussion took place.

Both managing sales teams and 2nd line sales management is of relevance.




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I would listen to the assumptive goal setting podcast.  A great source of motivation is striving towards goals.