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Following from recent podcasts and discussions on managing disgruntled employees I have what I believe is (but probably isn't) a unique situation.

For geographic reasons I have been assigned a direct who works interstate. My responsibility is for one business division, but the direct's is for another (overseas) division of the same organisation. In essence, I provide administrative support to the direct but have no responsibility/authority for their division or the work they do.

As this direct works independently from both myself and his overseas division the level of support available is stretched. Specifically, their division continuously excludes this direct, forgetting he exists.

I have done what I can to include this direct in the company business, offered support where possible, and encouraged their division to be more inclusive of the direct in their business. This hasn't been successful, with this division simply failing to do anything different.

Several years later, the direct is obviously disgruntled and has recently stated that to me. It is clear they are planning to seek other employment unless things change. To me it is clear this direct is ready for promotion and opportunities that simply aren't being made available.

The direct is highly motivated, does excellent work, and contributes significantly to the profitability of the company. If they leave, the company would lose an excellent employee and suffer immediate disruption to business.

As a manager I need to find a way to resolve the situation, but my options appear limited. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.