Hi all,

I was recently promoted to group COO of a rapidly growing medium sized startup, with a team split across two countries.

One of my new directs is our group QA lead. He only speaks a few phrases of English, which means that we have to communicate via a translator. This slows down meetings, e.g. I allow 45 min for O3s.

Our O3s tend towards him reporting back on his task lists, because that is how his previous boss ran them. His ex-boss is still in the meetings as part of handover, but I will be changing that shortly. None of this is great for building a relationship.

I am concerned that my staff meeting lose efficiency because either we will have to slow down for translation, or the QA manager will not get much value from the presented content.

I would appreciate it if you could share any advice or experience you have of managing directs where you don't share a common language.