I just had to go back and listen to the two part series on managing your boss. I listened to this back in March (and thought I made notes) about the President of the company. I got a lot of good information from our discussions.

Now we've had an org change and I'll be reporting to one of the Senior VPs. I went back and made copious notes (and saved them electronically). It will be fun to identify some of these traits in someone I thought I knew at work for 16 years! The DISC model is going to be fun to watch as I transfer from a High-D/High-I style person to someone who needs "categorizing". All I can say about our working relationship in the past is that it worked well and I'm looking forward to the new opportunities and growth potential.

I'm also going to add a few bullets to discuss this stuff with my staff. I missed that the first time around. We've got an IT summit where everyone from around the world will be getting together. My thoughts are to present the key items there.

Thanks again guys!

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Our pleasure! And...this is a beautiful example of the interaction that's possible with our tools and recommendations. Combining the Disc with a new boss relationship... perfecto, as we say in baseball.

Let us know how it goes.

It's a privilege...


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I'm having a lot of fun with the DISC model. I'm analyzing the crap out of everyone and trying to find better ways to interact with them. I've been doing this (informally) since I was kid. I always knew how to make friends with a wide range of kids from the burn-outs to the jocks to the geeks. I always knew that "people like people like themselves". By adapting my behavior it was easy to improve relationships.

Now for the kicker... By thinking of the DISC model consciously, I think I'm finally starting to understand my WIFE of 18 years! I'll bet you didn't figure on that when you started the Manager Tools podcast.

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Classic! Well done you.

But a caution. Spouses do not like their spouse interacting with them using DiSC. Love is an entirely different emotion than professional effectiveness.

I am quite serious about this... it might help a little... but caution is called for.


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this is a really interesting and informative set of pods. This is an area that my clients are asking for training in which is encouraging that managers in the workplace actually want to be managed effectively. In my view has to be the way forward to cut across the mis communication that happens all the time between managers and their staff and could avoid alot of mediation and dealing with conflict stuff if taken seriously.

thanks was a really interesting discussion