Mark's french, if not proficient, at least appears to be enlightened. It's very pleasing for an avid listener from Quebec to hear Mark make use of powerful french expressions, in the right context, all the time.

Perhaps Mark could give us some feedback as to where he's been in his past that has nurtured his interest for the use of french in business conversations.

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Mark's French is NOT proficient! :D :cry:

I know a few sayings, and love using foreign language sayings that have a certain - you had to know I would use it - je ne sais quoi that American English does not have.

I think I have used all of my French. I am an under-educated American when it comes to language. I am OKAY in German - can get by traveling there, and have forgotten all my Russian. Am learning Spanish ( I live in Texas) and would love to learn French too, but that is a long way off.