I have 5 DR, and some of them have DRs themselves. I have been using the Feedback model on them for quite a while now, and just started using the Coaching Model to, well, coach. On the top of the list of coaching items is giving feedback to DRs.

I've been successful in implementing the coaching model (Feedback as the goal) to some of the DRs, and started on a third DR. This third DR said, "how about you (boss) giving the staff a mission/goal/message on Feedback, so it's a consistent message and quicker to disseminate?"

Along with continuing with 1-1 coaching, should I include a mass roll-out message on a given skill set? When is it appropriate to use a mass medium to roll-out a new skill set?


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I think a training session would be a great idea in your situation. I won't say that there is an easy rule to apply to "when do I use mass?", but I think this time it would.