Hello Mark, thank you for your excellent materials - I've been a user for many years and a premium since 2009.

I have a question that I have not been able to find an answer to in the forum: what advice do you have for a large-scale roll-out of O3s. I thinking of about 100 managers.

Thank you & regards, David

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Call in some experienced and knowledgeable consultants? :-)


There is a huge risk in a big roll out like this that if it doesn't work, you end up as that crazy guy who wanted everyone to do O3s.


Teaching this to so many people isn't the hard bit. It's all the follow up and feedback to make sure that managers are actually sending the emails and conducting the meetings often enough that it becomes an accepted habit that is the real challenge.

Some managers will pick it up fast, some will be resistant, some will do it well, some won't truly understand the concept and motivation for doing them.

You'll need strategies for dealing with all these scenarios.


Much safer to do it in small batches, get some early success (maybe with improvements in engagement surveys?) and let the word spread naturally. Each successive batch should get easier as more people hear good things about the process.....

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Thank you. I agree - ensuring the follow-up and discipline is key.

We have already tried several small groups and it works fine. What we might try now with this larger group is a layered approach by grade.

Thanks again for the ideas.