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So, I'm in the homestretch of a M.S. in Technology Management (1 course left).

Now, when I originally signed up for this degree, there was a dual degree option whereby after completion of the M.S. in Technology Management, I could continue on by taking three additional 6 credit courses to receive an MBA.

My question really is, what would you do in my shoes? I think the smarter thing is to continue on and get the dual MBA (I have until 2020 to complete it) but I am SO looking forward to the light at the end of the tunnel for my M.S.

I'm currently an IT Director at a school district and have been for the last 7 years. My B.A. is in History but almost all my work experience has been in IT.

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Just sharing my experience.  Your milage could vary.  

With 20+ years in IT, I can attest that the work I did for my MBA really expanded my thinking.  I found that IT is a very inward looking, internal service provider kind of mindset.  The MBA broadened my thinking to business, marketting, personel and other parts of the business that I was rarely exposed to.  Understanding those areas better has helped me to contribute to the 'bigger picture' and to help my colleagues be successful.

That said, MT also helped tremendously.  :-)

Hope that helps,