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This forum is for our group of Virtual EMC attendees in the cohort beginning on May 21st, 2020. We're not in a conference room, which means no breaks to chat and network. This forum is our way to help the attendees connect in the absence of in-person connection.

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Hi All, 

I am a New Zealander based in Washington DC, working in international development. I'm looking forward to meeting you all and the MT team virtually later this week. I have been keeping an eye on the MT conference calendar for more than a year, and though I'll miss the "face to face" interaction, this virtual conference has come at the perfect time. 

I discovered the MT podcast just a couple of years ago, when I was desperate to figure out a really challenging relationship with a direct. Until then, I'd always had fairly constructive and engaged team members who were well equipped for the job they were hired to do. This one really stumped me.

I found the guidance and techniques, especially O3's, transformed that working dynamic and helped me to identify the roadblocks for this team member. I began to implement the tools with other directs and found that the strong performers were even more hungry for the time and engagement. 

I'm hoping to learn in more detail about putting feedback into practice, and to hearing from all of you about your experiences. 



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Hi Maree, welcome to the forum, and thank you for this idea! I've since set up forums for each of our events and hope to get the community of attendees engaged and connected with one another. The connections built here are all thanks to you :)

Looking forward to meeting you on Thursday! Sarah 

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Thanks Maree.

I'm based in Valencia, Spain, in information technologies distribution business (especially, software as a service), and have been using Manager Tools materials and ideas for 10 years... I've wanted to attend the EMC for a long time, but never had the opportunity because of my agenda (having to go e.g. to UK for the conference...).

"Thanks to COVID" I'm finally attending!

See you very soon!


P.S.: my linkedin profile:

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We're glad that you finally got to attend one of our long-awaited conferences! Of all of the "Thanks to COVID" remarks I've heard as of late, this is by far the best one. I look forward to meeting you on Thursday, Sebastian!


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Hi everyone!

I'm based in Austin, TX and work as a manager of managers in the security SaSS space. I've been using MT material for about five years and have always wanted to go to an EMC conference. I've just recently changed jobs and now have the oppurtunity to attend. Looking forward to interacting with everyone and learning how to more effectively use the MT tools.



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Hey Jason, welcome to the group, we look forward to virtually hosting you this week. I hope that some of the tools we discuss will help you excel in this new role, and happy to see the new organization is investing in you already!


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Hi everyone. I'm based in Vancouver, Canada. I'm also a manager of managers as well as a co-founder of a recently acquired tech startup. I've been listening to the podcasts and learning from the guidance as a subscriber for a few years now and have been contemplating attending the EMC conference for a while.

A goal I've set for myself this year is to really work at putting feedback, delegation and coaching into practice so I'm really looking forward to this.


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Hey Chris, great to hear from you, welcome. You're not alone in wanting to use this session as a jump-start to your Feedback, Coaching and Delegation, many others are in that same boat. We find that managers often institute One on Ones, love it, and struggle to take that next step. The guidance and support provided in the session will help you jump the hurdle :)

Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow morning, Sarah

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Hi everyone! i'm a filipina based in germany. i guess i will be the greatest beneficiary of this group when it comes to learning. i work in a small Cyber Security consultancy firm. i''m still a baby user of manager tools. looking forward to meeting the group tomorrow :) 



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We're so excited to host you tomorrow Pey. You may feel you have a lot to learn, but I promise that the group will make it fun and easy. It's always great to have more junior managers in the group, and we're excited to impart our knowledge onto you!