BLUF:  IS there anything else I should do or just follow the standard follow-up guidance following getting a "maybe" after an internal interview.


I have applied for a job in another function, had the interview and done a presentation.  The next working day I received feedback that my interview was good, but they had some concerns - predominately that they want to recruit someone in that has the potential to reach senior manager in 1 year (the role is a manager of 8 directs).

I was expecting not to get an offer based on the feedback (although none of it was feedback that I felt was relevant) but instead got told I am a maybe.  The board member of that function wants the hiring manager to try to recruit externally for another two weeks.  It has already been advertised internally and externally for a month so the hiring manager is not confident they will find anyone externally.

The hiring manager said that if they do not find anyone externally within two weeks then I can have the job and was asking me if I would still want it.  I replied that I still want an offer and I would review the offer irrespectively of the extended time.

I feel that this has burned a bit of goodwill with me although still happy to get an offer for the role.

Should I do anything else other than following the existing advice for following up post-interview (I sent thank you cards straight away and I am due to follow up by phone on Mon)?  Should I do anything different in accepting the offer assuming they do not find anyone?

Thanks in advance for everyone's help.