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This is a really great site guys.

I am a first year MBA student at the Kelley School at Indiana University. I am planning to go into private industry (marketing/strategy) after working with a public school system over the past few years.

The pod-casts fill in a large number of the gaps that they never cover in business school. Everybody always talks about many of these skills but never tells you how to do them right. I am really looking forward to more shows on presentations, as I am our schools Toastmasters President, and hope to share the concepts with other students.

Mark, I love the video of the presentation you did at Kellogg a few years ago on interviewing. (You really shouldn't hide the link.) I plan on applying the tools and hopefully get some offers with internship interviews starting in just a couple weeks.

Kyle Nicholson

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Welcome aboard!

Glad you're getting value from our work, and hope you benefit for years to come.


PS: We're not hiding the link.