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Hi All,

I started Manager Tools 1-on-1s in January 2017. I find them helpful, but how do I know whether I'm achieving the end goal? I already pass the test of how well do you know your directs. I know who's married, who's single, and only one of my directs has a child, and I know that person's child's name and how old he is. But how can I measure whether it's really improving my unit's effectiveness? I mean, I can't imagine life without 1-on-1s, so it's not like I'm going to stop. But I do wonder .... "am I doing it all wrong?"

Thanks in advance for any commentary!

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O3 is only the first foundation of the Trinity pyramid. You should leverage the relationship and start rolling out the next 4 items: Feedback, Coaching, and Delegation.  You can buy Mark's book "Effective Manager" and find all the details there.

Then to see how it improves your unit effectiveness, start measuring the expected outcomes from your unit, and use your O3 meeting to direct your people toward results.

Have fun