I have a meeting with my skip boss in 2 weeks. These are scheduled 2x a year. She didn't give an agenda other than catch up.


What should I provide for her at this meeting?

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Prepare the briefing book described in th "managing during mergers and acquisitions" podcast. It's the best prep you can do!

You may not need to present it, but preparing it will ensure that YOU are prepared.

If you're given an opportunity to ask questions or lead the conversation, ask about your team's (ie, your boss's) goals, and how you might contribute to their achievement. If you're bold, you could ask about group strategy.

And enjoy! These can be fun meetings.


John Hack

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 I am listening to the briefing book part right now and I am not responsible for the budget. My boss is. I have no idea what the department budget is.

I can do the project and staff part for sure.

I can't say that they are all good or special because they aren't. There are a couple I would like to can.

But still, this is a great idea and I am sure if I can present most of this material it will just blow them away as nobody would think to do this.

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 How'd it go?

John Hack