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Do you need to use slides to effectively pre-wire?  

There are plenty of situations where I doubt the benefit of slides in a meeting.  Some of my meetings use slides, but most do not.  For meetings with no deck, I won't have a deck for the pre-wire, but I would have a conversation.  


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Makes sense.  Not everything is a formal presentation.  It may just be a single decision that needs to be made.  


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Yes - why not just paper copies of an illustrative Chart, Spreadsheet, or Graph.

Why get all involved with video equipment or any kind of large production poster ?  Just more things to go wrong.



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Every situation is different. Somethings might lend themselves to a deck while others would do with a 1 page word doc with some bullet points and others a conversation would do just fine. 

Think about what you are trying to get out of the conversation... do you want their opinion on your actual deck? then bring it. Do you want to understand what their hot buttons are? then maybe a conversation. 

And play to the DISC style of your audience. Bringing a High I a deck to review is probably just not going to get the response you want. But a C... load them up with (reasonable) data.