Marrisa Mayer has some interesting protocols for meetings.  She hosts approximately 70, that is right, 70 a week.  Enjoy.



PS- Marissa is a minorly successfully executive at Google.   One of the top five executives.  She does quite well.  Her bio is here.


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I enjoyed the article and really like the idea of having a very visible timer during meetings.  I'd be interested in knowing the scope of the note-taking, though.  Are notes taken during a 10 minute meeting between Marissa and one other employee, or are notes limited to meetings of a certain size?

As an aside, would you be willing to consider posting full links rather than links via a URI shortener in the future?  If ever goes under, a lot of this post's value will be lost.  Personally, I feel much better clicking a link at work when I can see from hovering that it's heading to Business Week.