(Love the podcasts – new to them, love them, wish I had them 10 years ago.)

I’m having a level of difficulty with the podcast feeds on Android and I wondered what others are using.
I originally started using the Google Listen, but found that it didn’t like to go back in time too far.
So I switched to RSSDemon which has been working well, I’m downloading and listening in the car – worked like a charm for the basics series.
I’m now try to go through the members feed, but RSSDemon seems to struggle with username/ passed. It allows me to provide one, but it doesn’t seem to get the feed (no feedback on why).
Does anyone have a tried and tested method for the members feed on Android?
Thanks in advance

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I purchased DoggCatcher, which does a good job with the member's feed. It's interface is a touch awkward, and it doesn't make it easy to dig through older podcasts. You're pretty much stuck with scrolling through the list to find the one of interest.

However, if all you want to do is listen to the more recent ones, it works fine.


Chris Arguin

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Thanks Chris for the suggestion.

I've tried a further two since - DriveCast and BeyondPod.

DriveCast seemed really good from the start - provides a web site to manage your feeds and then access via an App.  Unfortunately it seemed to fail when trying to scroll through the volume of podcasts in the members feed.

BeyondPod seems to be a lot better and seems to work well (it copes with the number of podcasts in the members feed which is the key thing).  Currently using the 7 day trial - will update once I know how well it works when it reverts to the "free" functionality.


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I just recently switched from Google Listen to DogCatcher (well worth the $6). I know it handles "authenticated" feeds and larger feeds. I got it because I wanted a way to handle the MT casts that i already had downloaded and archived on my PC, like the interview series. DogCatcher has a great feature for creating what it calls a "virtual feed". When you set it up the program creates a local folder on the SD card, anything you copy into that folder then shows up in the feed. This allowed me to take any of the MT casts I had on my PC and listen to them easily. This feature also works well for mp3s that i download directly on my phone, without subscribing to a feed. I can just use the local file manager to move them to the correct folder and then listen to them.

Canyon R

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You'll probably find that when your trial version expires it won't update the member's feed.  You'll either need to purchase the unlock key or add the public feed to keep the new podcasts coming.         

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"Lite" version only really changes the updates.  According to their website the lite version cannot schedule updates, will only update one feed at a time and only download one podcast at a time.

These are all fine for me.

Details can be found here ->

I'll likely purchase the Pro version once I'm confident that it will work for me.  The advantage over doggcatcher is that it allows for free use to try before you buy.

Thanks for everyones comments.

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 Same question as original poster:

What Android based solutions for downloading the authenticated feeds via your phone/tablet work?

DoggCatcher works great for the documents feeds as those URLs end in .xml, which is the only type of feed that DoggCatcher will recognize. It won't download the content of the authenticated feeds (for example the premium member feed) because those URLs end in .rss.

What works on an Android device to automatically get those premium podcasts downloaded?

-- michael

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If you're using an Android smartphone, what podcast player are you using, and how's it working for you?    I've using Google Listen, but want a solution that gives me the whole back-catalog of podcasts.  I'd also like a search or a random podcast function, if such a thing exists. 

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I didn't realize DoggCatcher had an issue with feeds ending in .rss.

Easy enough fix ... you can now alternatively refer to the MT premium podcasts feed as

Hope that helps!


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 I noticed this thread has been quiet for a little while.  As a recent Android convert, are there any updates on good apps for the member feed that handle the authentication?

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 doggcatcher with Mike's instructions works just fine for me 

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Beyond Pod from Android play store.
works great and its free

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Been using iPP Podcast Player for several months now, and am very please with it.  It handles the authenticated feeds just fine.  

Used Google Listen in the past.  Tried DoggCatcher, but found it buggy and unreliable.  


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I tried Beyond Pod for my podcasts and liked it except for the fact I couldnt download at home while on Wi-Fi and save it. So if data usage is not a problem it would be a good choice.

Switched to Dogg Catcher and have not had any problems. I am able to download at home on Wi-Fi and listen without using my data plan.