Mike & Mark,

I have recently joined a company (6 months) in a management roll working with two sales V.P.’s. Being that they are both my boss, I didn’t want to propose mentorship as I work closely with them on a daily basis.

What are your thoughts on going outside my department to another V.P. or, to go out on a limb, the CEO for mentorship? I want don’t want to step over anyone or make it appears has if I’m trying to play political games. We have several dynamic individuals that I think would be a great fit.

Thanks for your wonderful service.


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It all depends on *what* you want mentoring on.

Do you want mentoring on project management skills? If the VP outside of your org has great PM skills -- go for it.

I need mentoring on improving my interpersonal skills. There are people in my church that I would LOVE to have as my mentor in this area.

Think about what you want out of the mentoring, then find people who demonstrate that well.

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Almost without question a mentor should be outside of your area and/or chain of command. It's fine.

NOT the CEO. Too smarmy.