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I really appreciated this week's podcast on the theory behind effective feedback.

This cast made me realize (and understand why) I should be focusing on Step 4: What can you do differently next time.

I don't know about you all, but I struggle with Step 3 of the model: Here's what happens. Mainly, I'm so focused on trying to tailor the feedback to my directs' DISC profiles, that I get really hung up on trying to phrase the feedback in a way that sticks. And I lose sight of the importance of properly executing Step 4.

Feedback has gotten WAY easier for me. It's not yet like breathing, but more like hiccuping. At least I'm not holding my breath. Those days are gone forever.

By the way, what happens if you botch up Step 3 and don't give the direct the right "Here's what happens"? Probably not much, right? Worry causes small things to have large shadows.


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Encouraging effective behavior. It is my new mantra. I loved this podcast.

I'll put myself in your DR's shoes: if I don't quite understand what you're getting at, I would ask. If I put myself in your shoes: make the step 3 part as understandable to them as possible. Unless you are a fifth level feedback green-belt :wink: you can't subjugate the message for the delivery. I try to give feedback to everyone the same way, by pointing out how it affects THEM. Their career, promotability, etc. Some people care about the team and their place on it, some care about getting a ton of work done without being bothered, etc. AND, as a person who has definitely over-analyzed this exact question, I would say: don't worry about it to the point where you DON'T give feedback at all.

Hope this helps!