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I am not a tech person. I am a vet by trade and am now a manager in a hospital. If it were not for MT I would be trundling on without an idea!

I would like to learn more about microsoft excel and thought there would be some people out there who could point me in the direction of good resources.

I can use excel at a very basic level. Would the "dummies" book be a good starting point?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.



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I don't use this site but many people I know learned a lot from the site

It's probaly a good starting place.

Good luck :)

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I have solved many an Excel problem by consulting Woody's Lounge.

They have forums for all MS Office products, so it's also a great place for help with Word or Project.


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Some folks have found that traversing all the menu choices and playing around with them was a great way to learn.


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It is also sad to note that the Excel help file required thousands of man hours to create, and yet almost no one reads it despite it telling everything a book would. In fact, quite a few Excel books are print outs of that file.

-Rob Redmond

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Microsoft Office has a lot of free tutorials, both as on-line powerpoint presentations and as audio/video courses. They also have a very user-friendly column: The Crabby Office Lady that you should subscribe to. (All links at the bottom of this post.)

I found that to be most effective for discovering what Excel can do and how it can be applied to work. Reading their Help file or any books doesn't work for me. It's like reading dictionary - directionless and boring.

So check these out. Browse through what interests you. Then plunge into it with your real work project. You will inevitably get stuck somewhere, then just google the questions. There is always an answer somewhere within the first page of those million results.

BTW, I think the most important thing that helps me to master Excel as it relates to my field is the belief that 99% of the times, Excel can do all things you want it to. So if I ever find myself wishing I could do something, I would google "Excel" and my wish (whatever it may be). And 99% of the time, an answer (or several) will come up.

The links to Microsoft Help and How-To: Crabby's column is also here

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I will get to work with all your suggestions!

Thanks very much!



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It would be helpful to know what you are using Excel for. Some of the more complex features are not really so complex and can save you hours per week.

I just finished teaching an excel 2007 course and sold it to the students as one of the most significant communication tools they will ever lay their hands on. I truly believe that.