Hi all MT members,

I am currently working as senior software engineer in IT industry. I have about 8 years of experience in IT and a Masters from US university. I have always been interested in the Finance sector, mainly stocks, mutual fund analysis and Investment banking. I keep on reading analyst reports , watch a lot of TV shows about stock analysis etc .. Of late, though I have been thinking about making a career change from IT to Finance. I am prepared to take CFA exam, if needed, or at least the charter piece but I just wanted to get some thoughts about possible options. It’s pretty much clear that I have to take an entry level job but will the companies think that I am too old to make the switch and can’t really be molded. Also, is there any way for me to leverage on my IT & Project Management experience and grow into Finance industry after spending some time at an entry level position.

Btw if you haven’t guessed yet, I am in mid 30s, 33 yrs  to be exact !So do you guys think that I might have missed the bus already. I am open to other suggestions as well.
Thanks in advance. I Look forward to your expert opinions..

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I'd say it's possible, since I'm living the change right now. 

One important thing I'd say is to search broadly for where you can use your financial skills and your computer skills to make a successful transition. You may not even need to start over.

 After 20+ of IT, I've transferred into Corporate Planning, and this team is responsible for the business plan. Most of the team are Finance people and Economists, and I have enough background in Finance and the business to understand what's going on. I'm helping design/facilitate processes, I'm helping with error-checking and creating presentations for our managers, and I'm supporting some complex Excel models that we've built. My team loves having me here because when they say they've got some massive, tedious work to do, I suggest that I can do it in an afternoon with some Excel macros, and I've written other little utilities to make our lives easier. These are items that take at most a week, usually just a day, so we wouldn't ever get the IT department, mostly outsourced overseas, to help with this. So although my Financial skills aren't as experienced as the 10 or 15-year Finance people, they see me as really valuable on the team because of the special skills that I contribute. And this year, I've been given the responsibility to create some of our important quarterly reports.

I hope this gives you some encouragement.

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 Thanks Chukboo. 

That was some useful and encouraging information.