I'm preparing for my mid-year review (our FY runs Sept-August) following the podcast timeline and steps. Week 1 includes reviewing last year's review, including noticing for any boss's issues. I'm looking for any suggestions or guidance because I'm 6 months into my new role and am reporting to a new boss (the CEO). It's further complicated by the fact that in my new role I have been reporting to the COO who is retiring in 2 weeks. This means I will have virtually no experience dealing with the CEO as my supervisor. My review (at the end of April) will be my first one-on-one time with him. I haven't had any O3's with my current boss -- sometimes weeks will go by without any communication from him, although I do send regular updates about 2-3 times a month. I don't expect this situation to change when I start reporting to the CEO.

I have asked another VP who has reported to the CEO for many years for suggestions/advice/themes I should be aware of as I'm preparing. In my past role, I had about 45 minutes/month with my boss and the CEO to update him on my project area. I know he's a (super) high D and very results-oriented; however, I'm a bit anxious because even after 3 years of these monthly discussions, he would still completely surprise me with what he would chose to focus on and question.

I would love any suggestions or advice! Thank you so much!

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I'm sorry this has taken me so long. I regret my absence.

Seems nobody wants to tangle with the CEO question, Dani.

Focus on results, and expect some surprises.

KNOW three things:

1. Your numbers. (in this short time frame case, it includes what you've done towards them so far)

2. Your plan.

3. Your forecast.

I suspect he'll send a veiled threat about not making numbers in 07, and then talk about what he thinks you need to be doing.

Don't be surprised if he mentions relationships with other execs. He'll have asked, and may have some zingers, or just intimations that you need to have good ones. Ignore this, mostly.

Again, my apologies for my delay.


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Thanks, Mark. That's very helpful... and I'm glad you're back!

A follow-up question -- When you say know my plan and forecase, do you mean for the rest of this FY only or also for next FY?

Thanks, again!

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Your plan is for this year. Think of it this way. An executive is responsible for delivering results. Until one delivers them, one's plan is the proxy for the results. Until your results are achieved, your plan is what is judged. When your results are in, you're judged on the actuals, of course.

So, your plan is for this year. Your forecast is for next year. Know your plan/steps/tactics for the remainder of the year, and what that will mean for next year.



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Got it! Thanks!