Hello MTers,

I know there is a Chicago Meet-up Scheduled for Thursday, August 16 while Mark is in the area. Would there be interest in a 2nd Milwaukee Meet-up on Wednesday, August 15? Something like 6:30 pm at Pizzeria Piccola in Wuawatosa, WI

If Mark is able to work it in two nights in a row while working with clients of course he would be the guest of honor, but otherwise a great opportunity to reconvene the group from November and add to it.

Time is short so please don't hesitate in your response.

Here's a link to the restaurant:


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Yes. I would be interested.


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I would be interested.

• Dave

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I'll be on me!


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Anyone else?

I'll make a call on Monday or Tuesday to let the restaurant know to expect us. I'll try to get us in a corner so that we have a bit less traffic to deal with.

If anyone has any particular topics they would like to discuss, go ahead and post them here. There are two topics of particular interest to me:

Adding people to your network and using ctrl-shift-k is not too difficult for me. The problem comes when that reminder pops up in Outlook and I'm supposed to "Stay in touch with . . ." What can I do to bring value to my network in these contacts? How do I make the phone conversation time well-spent for members of my network?

What do you do with an underperforming project? My current role has me assigned to a project where all of the economics are against me. My boss knows that the project is stacked against me, but this was the CEO's idea and we are not likely to abandon it. This one project is my entire function. Is there anyway to manage a poor-performing project without being labeled as a poor performer?

Looking forward to next week!

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Thank you for calling the restaurant in advance.

There are many reasons why a project can be off track. Your post suggests you have executive backing but your boss could be either (1) getting you the resources or (2) distancing himself from the project.

There are big differences between Case 1 and Case 2. :(

If you desire you can call me at work this afternoon (Friday Aug 10) at 414-443-8955 direct. We can introduce each other and kick around a few ideas before meeting in person next week. Obviously, I work in the Milwaukee area.


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Count me in!

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Reminder: There is a Milwaukee MT meet-up at Pizzeria Piccola. 7 pm

Tonight's group appears to include a few new faces. I usually arrive 10-15 minutes early. I look forward to meeting the new MT fans.


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[quote="tlhausmann"]Reminder: There is a Milwaukee MT meet-up at Pizzeria Piccola. 7 pm


Hello Again Milwaukee area MT fans. We meet again next THURSDAY DECEMBER 13 at Pizzeria Piccola. A new face appeared at our meetings (Welcome Tim!) last month. Thank you Steve M for managing the information.

Like Chuck, I have my photo/avatar in place on the MT forums so new MT fans can spot me at the meeting.

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Hello Milwaukee MT fans,

An off-forum discussion of several Milwaukee MT fans yielded a preference to holding off until after the Chicago MT training get together.

I will keep people informed of our next Milwaukee meet up.

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You Milwaukee Managers put us to shame here in Chicago in terms of meet-ups.You got to let me know your secret at the conference.

I have high hopes after the conference to get ours more formalized and reliable. The Christmas rule has applied to our first attempts to do this quite accurately :D

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I'll put something in my tickler list to remind myself later, but I'll be in Milwaukee during the first week of August, for the Ecological Society of America conference. If there's a meetup that week, that would be fun, since you folks have some activity going on.

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[quote="tlhausmann"]An off-forum discussion of several Milwaukee MT fans yielded a preference to holding off until after the Chicago MT training get together.[/quote]

Thursday, April 17 6:30 pm Pizzeria Piccola in Wauwatosa.

I'll be prepared to discuss highlights of the Chicago Manager Tools conference.

We can also discuss alternative meeting locations to make it easier for folks in the various suburbs to meet other MT fans!

See you there.

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Are people still planning on attending the meetup tomorrow?


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[quote="sbockh01"]Are people still planning on attending the meetup tomorrow?


Yes! PM me with your email address and I will add you to my Milwaukee meet up email list.

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I plan on attending. It's been too long since I've seen the Milwaukee group. I'm looking forward to it.

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Due to last minute cancellations our numbers were lower than expected last night. That said, I will correspond individually and locate a convenient location in another part of the city.

Last night, we discussed the format of the MT Conference in Chicago. I outlined my key take aways distinct from what one hears in the podcasts.

Until next month...

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Sorry I couldn't make it. I really wanted to share in the discussion. Keep us all informed when/where the next meetup is.

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Tom, thanks again for sharing your takeaways. I'll keep an eye out for the "s" curve of organic growth.

I'm downloading the Interview Series as we speak. Your example answers to common interviewing questions blew me away, and I can tell the series will be invaluable throughout my career.

Catch you next time.


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Hello everyone!

Our next Manager Tools Meet up is *this* Thursday evening (two days hence) at Pizzeria Piccola at 6:30 pm.

Pizzeria Piccola

7606 W State St
Milwaukee, WI 53213
(414) 443-0800

For this meeting I am free to discuss the Chicago MT conference for those who did not attend.

I also invite everyone attending to chat 2-3 minutes about the current book they're reading. I just finished Jesse Ventura's book: "Don't Start the Revolution Without Me"


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I'll be there! Thank you, Tom, for organizing at such short notice.

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[quote="rwwh"]I'll be there! Thank you, Tom, for organizing at such short notice.[/quote]

rwwh gives a whole new meaning to "storm" trooper. He made the trip from Madison WI even when I-94 was partially closed due to flooding! Milwaukee had tornado sirens sounding earlier this afternoon.

Our conversation focused principally on books we're read and recommend to others. rwwh and I also discussed our families.

Obviously a small group this evening but great conversation.

We even had live music featuring Texas Dave...I think that is a first for Pizzeria Piccola.

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Tom, I enjoyed your company and the pizza, thanks again!

It was an interesting trip back to Madison, I sometimes felt as if I was driving a canoe.... beautifully illuminated black skies.

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Milwaukee Manager Tools Meet Up
Wednesday July 16
6:30 pm
Pizzeria Piccola

7606 W State St
Milwaukee, WI 53213
(414) 443-0800‎

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Hurray, I'll be able to attend again!