I can not find anywhere Kellog Video...
Can somebody provide me with a link?


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Kellogs removed them from their website recently however I think one of the MT members is attempting to get them put on Youtube


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Can you provide me with his name so I can he can ftp them to my site?
Do you have them?


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No I dont have them, like others I watched the first part and when I went back to watch parts 2&3 they were gone. If you follow this link you can read the comments that folk have made to date,


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I have the videos, I downloaded them when I first saw them. Too many things disappear off the internet ;)

However, I assume that I don't have any rights to distribute them beyond my own personal use. The fact that Kellogg seems to have pulled the videos reinforces my assumption.

If there's a legal way to allow folks to view them, I'd be happy to arrange something but I have no interest in violating Kellogg's copyright.

I may be able to do something with Orb to make the video stream available on request via a password.This is the digital equivalent of inviting friends over to watch a DVD, since only one user can view at a time, and is generally considered permissable under fair use but I'm worried about the load on my machine.

Mark, Mike and anyone else, I'm open to options.

Mark Polino

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Mark owns the IP on the video. We will figure out how to get it posted here for viewing as soon as possible.



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Thanks. That means I get to keep my unfair interviewing advantage for a little while longer. It's going to suck if I everyone I interview against down the road has seen the videos. I took Mark's challenge and can say definitively that asking for the job works.

Keep up the great work guys!


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I am intending to view Kellogg Videos strictly for personal use. I have no intension of distributing these videos to anybody else. Is anybody willing to share Kellogg Videos. Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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Hey guys - any update on the Kellog videos? I'd love to see them. Wondering if you are referring to the following two vids that are on the manager tools youtube page:

First law of interviewing:

Second Law of Interviewing:


Is there more? I'd love to see it!