Don't know exactly where to put this:

I got laid off on 10/1/2011- and took time OFF. No looking at all whatsoever.

Jan/ Feb- I found the podcasts--started listening to like a religion.

April 16 I will start a new position as National Sales Manager-

I cannot tell you how many casts I listened to- INCLUDING the interview series- and well, I KNOW, the information I listened to helped me.  I did NOT get an offer at every job I interviewed for, but I put as many Manager-Tools practices into place as possible; including a suit even in non suit situations and a new pen and portfolio, and as naked as I felt just carrying my car key into an interview..I did it.

Its common sense laid out; in all the casts- and I will continue to dload and play at the gym, in my car and , wow, on airplanes! ( I forgot about those- it has been nice not flying after 5 years of only flying)

Thank you Mark, Mike, Wendii and whoever else.  Before I always wanted my 6 figure job, I got and got laid off- ...well, now even with this job (which actually pays less than my last job, but its the potential in action-)..I am committed to chasing seven (in life..I will not get it here at this place...yet! ;)  !  Life really is full of opportunities!



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