One of the best ever podcasts was the one on packing. May we please have more podcasts on business travel?

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Acunningham, I think there are many greater podcasts. This one was good but not in the top rank. Of course it still kicks the normal garbage in other podcasts. I digress.

I did like the podcast and opted after some deliberation to go for the 'bundle wrap'  extoled in Worked a treat until an officious official in Sudan decided my innards needed careful scruitiny. Outcome was a total mess.

You are right it would be nice to have a forum for tips on travel.

Here's an integrity one. Is it acceptable to join a frequent flyer club and take personal benefits from company travel?


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interesting question, and one that cuts to the core of why such schemes exist (in the hope that you'll pick that company for your business travel to get the benefits rather than another, which may be cheaper for your employer).  Presuming you work for someone else, I believe the only situation where it would be really clear cut  OK would be where you don't choose the airtline, your company designates it, and the frequent flyer benefits are formally part of your total reward package.  I do suspect that there would be a strong argument for it being acceptable if you had gotten agreement from your management/HR. 

A similar question could be asked about hotel accommodation when you get there, do you stay in somewhere cheap but reasonable quality or somewhere luxurious and expensive?  I always try to find somewhere cheap and reasonable or where I think I'll be able to negotiate a discount.  This is mostly because when i travel for business it tends to be for training and whatever budget is allocated for my training I want to have spent on training, not hotel bills.  I do always try to negotiate a discount and sometimes have been very sucessful.



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My take on both the frequent flyer and hotel questions is - ask your manager or HR what the organisation's policy is! If they're happy, then go for it.

-- Alistair Cunningham, Managing Director, Integrics Ltd.

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Many thanks to Mark and Mike for the airline seats podcast! It's great to see more travel shows.

-- Alistair Cunningham, Managing Director, Integrics Ltd.