Hello all

Please could you let me know your thoughts on how to handle a new manager's job where you have been taken on board to make rapid changes for the better in an organisation?

I'm about halfway through the MT podcasts and one of the big tips for new managers is "fit in". If you are brought in to straighten things up, please can you give me some tips on how to do this without alienating your new team and still fitting in?



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You should listen to this more recent cast, which directly addresses your question:

If you have heard it, do you have a specific concern about the recommendations?  

John Hack 

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Ah no, I started listening a few months ago and I am working my way through the podcasts. I am about halfway through!

I will listen to that one and post here if I have any questions.

Many thanks John.

- Jane

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I started a forum thread on this topic about a week ago. My goal was to identify casts most helpful for managers starting a new position. The casts are also (roughly) organized into a chronology.


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Hi Jane

Have you been asked to come in as a temporary agent of change or as a longer term manager?