I was trying to set up a podcast, with online preview.
Whatever the flash player I used to let the visitor hear the podcast, it can't read it. The player can still read other mp3 files.
WM Player and real player can read the mp3 without any problem...
Any ideas?
Thanks for your time.

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Can you post a link to the MP3 file that is causing the problem?

What flash player are you trying to use?

Some flash players have issues playing audio files with non-standard sample rates.


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Yes, that's the file available here on thoses Chinese lessons:

For now I just can put a link to download the file on the computer, but I d'like to play it directly on the page...

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The MP3 files are at 22050-Hz ... they should be at 44100-Hz or 44.1-KHz.

I don't think there is an easy way to link files from the website to your local copies.

I'd suggest downloading them and organizing them on our file system in a way that makes it easy to understand.

I was able to listen to them in iTunes.


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Dear sholden, thank you very much,
Why should mp3 file be 44100-Hz?

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The sample rate of 44100-Hz is recommended for a variety of reasons, one of the key ones for podcasters is that a lot of the older MP3 players don't like anything but 44100-Hz,and some flash players don't like them either.

The 'should' in my original post may have been a little strong. For the best results, it is recommended that posted MP3 files be at 44100-Hz.

For those that would like to audio geek out, I recommend reading this excellent post by Doug Kaye of IT Converstations:


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And in case anyone is wondering, yes, we encode Manager Tools exactly as Doug recommends in the article Steve pointed out. ;-)

Steve, you would have been in BIG trouble had that NOT been the case. ;-)