Un(der)employed 13 months, 16 interviews, ( with 11 companies,) one offer, accepted.

If I didnt diligently, intentionally, persistently practice and perform the MT Interview behaviors, I would not have landed and successfully entered a new management position.  

My back never touched the chair.

My eyebrows were sore from raising.

My last and final offer producing Interview was with a 2 C-Levels and a Director.  While no typical behavioral questions ever came (as I warned my self in the Interview with a President forum post here), I was able to provide precise and organized answers to all querries.  These men never left eye contact.  After the first hour went by, the interview became a train of thought conversation by all 4 of us, where I role played management scenarios on demand.   In the middle of a point, an admin came in to break up the interview as it had gone 2 hours and the Execs were late for Client meetings.

Point in hindsight here was, we were all engaged because the communication came out as meaningful, energetic, natural....not over inflated, not story telling.

Energy was everything, I read they needed someone who could convey an ego-less yet driven sense of purposeful urgency as a natural style, which I have but had to practice conveying as M&M teach.  Its a far bridge to cross when your insides tell you "yeah, I'm like that" then have your outside convey it convincingly.

Thank you Mike.

Thank you Mark.

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Great news.  I wish you much success in the role.  Sharing these stories is important to the community.  Well done!