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Dear Mark and Michael, dear fellow MT listeners,

Greetings from an Italian in Morocco, where I have been working for the last 4 years. 

I have started my career in Europe as en engineer in the private sector, then moved to the third sector working for an NGO in Laos rehabilitating small-scale social and economic infrastructure.

After a short period back to Italy I moved abroad again to Haiti, where I was recruited by EuropeAid, the international development aid arm of the European commission. There, I have managed road construction and social and economic infrastructure projects for about five years.

Four years ago I moved to Morocco with the same employer, working on infrastructure and energy. 

I am not a manager, but I listen to the MT podcast from a direct's point of view. This helps me to improve in my work, even though I still have a long way to go before I can say I am satisfied.

I am a regular fan of the CT podcast, too... That goes without saying!

Here in the forums I think I can contribute on topics like third sector management, communication in multicultural environment and in languages that are not one's first. 

Thank you very much for your great work and keep up with it!