Hello MT & members,

What is the Manager Tools guidelines for Contacting the senior executives of organizations like Board of Directors or even VP's, who are in different geography and you hardly meet.

I am low down the chain in the organization hierarchy and want to have a relationship with one of the senior executive. This senior executive is also the head of the vertical i work in. This executive's rise in the organization has been very impressive.

I have sent an email to say hello and introduce myself. I hope to receive a response from him and then i will keep in touch with him using thje CTRL+SHIFT+K rule. I want to know manager tools or members response to work going forward for this relationship building.

Thank You for your valuable inputs.

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Vishal Shetti


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 Hello Vishal,

It's obviously impossible to give recommendations for a specific relationship due to the infinite number of variables involved.  The general guideline is to determine what value you can add to the other person and offer or provide that value unconditionally. This behavior builds trust, and relationships are built on trust.

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Hello Michael

You have mentioned a very good point  "Determine what value to provide to another Person unconditionally."

Thank You Michael for your response and guiding me in taking my communication further.

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This is very delicate and you should tread carefully. I would think in any large organization there would be those execs who would respond accordingly and others who would  email your supervisor and wonder why you are bothering him or her. In that case, I wouldn't reach out electronically, ideally, I'd do it in person. But that's a problem when the exec is on a different continent.

Have as sound a plan as you can.

Good luck!