Hello team,

I would love the opportunity to build a stronger network with the members of Manager Tools so we can all help each other learn and grow. One of the ways I'd love to accomplish that is to build a network through Instant Messenger services.

I value the forums tons but I'd also love to get into actual active conversations with as many of you as I can whether it is via e-mail, IM or maybe someday through phone. The idea has been running through my head for awhile and to be able to interact with the many great minds out there would be fantastic!

Would anyone be interested in building an MT network through Skype or through an IM? Just curious on everyone's thoughts as I'd love to share and receive knowledge and help develop myself and others. Thanks!

Please feel free to add me to MSN Messenger by checking my profile!

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I find IM too distracting during the work day. I only use Skype if I have a pre-arranged Skype call with someone else. It's nice, but it's not in my list of essential work tools and remains off all the time at work (and most of the time at home.)

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Interesting... this reminds me of the old times of IRC (internet relay chat), before web based discussion boards became commonplace.

If a good number of members decide to go online and become 'available' for chat, people that run into problems (i.e. "what do I do now?!") can get instant feedback from a number of different people.

I wouldn't be able to stay 'available for chat' the whole day, but during lunch and some odd hours is a possibility.....

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On a semi-related note, does anyone here use Twitter?

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[quote="jclishe"]On a semi-related note, does anyone here use Twitter?[/quote]

I do, but not much.

I know some people who use it as an alternative to a blog, but I don't think I could. It seems fine for a quick blast message out to a large group of people, like if you wanted to say "Going to pub, join me if you want to" to all your friends, but I'm having difficulties seeing a business use for it.


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Yes ... but I use it more like email. I check it a couple of times a day and don't leave it running on my desktop (I can't imagine what the drain on my attention would be ... I'm not THAT disciplined ;-)

I try to post some happenings of Manager Tools (for example, I recently put out a tweet on a new feature available for Premium members that I haven't otherwise communicated yet ... now, what could that be? :-)

In addition, we have a "Manager Tools" twitter account, although it currently isn't used all that much ... perhaps in the future.

My twitter id is: mauzenne
Manager Tools id: managertools

Best Regards,

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I use it occasionally. It has a place. I use it mainly as an FYI thing. Ex: [i]"Checking out Manager Tools forums - good stuff"[/i] or [i]Podcasting for Dummies work is done. Can't wait to see it on store shelves in July."[/i] I've seen people use it to promote other things in subtle ways. It gains value over time as you build relationships.

Sometimes people meet me in person and remember something I said on twitter that I don't recall saying. They hit me with "How's your arm?". "Fine?" I reply. "Oh, good. You said back in April that it was sore from sparring in Karate." Great conversation starters. :D

A business use? I'm having a tough time with that one also. If someone comes up with something that isn't blatant advertising that nobody follows, let me know.

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Sometimes people meet me in person and remember something I said on twitter that I don't recall saying. They hit me with "How's your arm?". "Fine?" I reply. "Oh, good. You said back in April that it was sore from sparring in Karate." Great conversation starters. :D


I have found Facebook very good for this as well, Chuck.

I have not used Twitter and am somewhat apprehensive about even trying, as I, too, might get too easily distracted.


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Sorry for responding so late!

Just using IM as a communication between Manager Tools members when not at work is what I wanted to do (which is the only time I am on the forums, IM or listening to podcasts is outside of work)

I'd just like to get to know everyone more whether it is how the day went, how work went or how things in general are going :).

As for Twitter, I do use Twitter BUT only for, I can text message d s r Remind me to Save the World at 10 PM, then "Sandy" sends me an email and text message at 10 PM telling me to save the world so I don't forget or go to bed to early haha.

I haven't looked into using Twitter for it's primary purpose thought yet!

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Jorrian- Just curious, do you use Exchange at work, and do you have a Smartphone?

I've seen websites such as and to name a few, there are others of course. Because my employer has an Exchange server and I have a Smartphone, everything that I need to remember / do / take action on is with me everywhere I go on my phone.

Are users of sites such iwantsandy and rememberthemilk primarily folks that don't have smartphones?

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I do have a smart phone (Windows Mobile 6.1 w/keyboard) and Exchange server :).

I use at times when I want to remind myself of personal things I need to do, plus it sends an awesome daily digest that tells you everything you need to do in that day in a nice clean format.

When reading the Sandy e-guide, I found out about Twitter so instead of e-mails I would write quick personal text messages such as "Wash the car at 2 PM", I share my calendar and tasks with other management at work sometimes (them physically looking at my computer screen and digging through it) and I'd rather keep my personal list private :).

But again, the primary use of the site is to have your own "personal assistant" to make your tasks more personal as opposed a Reminder saying "Do this and this", Postpone 10 minutes or Dismiss, it's harder to hit the dismiss button when you have a whole email message that reminds you to do a task :).