Have you ever thought of selling Manager Tools stuff for the benefit of your community?

I'm not trying to sell anything.  I don't own one of those businesses that puts a logo on a mousepad. 

I try to leave a few inconspicuous MT logos around my office.  Three-ring binders for the One-On-Ones is the typical place.  In the past, these logos have prompted queries from office visitors.  This creates an insertion point for me to share the MT love with a person I value at the workplace.

I would really like something that could be left on my desk that people might notice.  It would have to be subtle and professional.  A 2-foot by 3-foot logo on a desk pad would be too much.  I'm thinking more along the lines of a nice coaster or a coffee cup.



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I got a nice MT tote bag from attending a conference a while back.  Unfortunately, I don't use it much at work.  My wife uses it a lot for keeping track of library books, but I don't know if she's gotten any questions about it.

I'd certainly frequently use a nice MT travel or coffee mug.  ;)


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Although I am generally  not one to wear much adornment. A lapel pin would speak volumes to cognoscenti.

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Maybe a 1 GB MP3 Player with The Basics pre-loaded. :-) Or an FM transmitter so people can take Manager Tools with them in their cars without burning CDs or getting a new stereo.

Imagine giving those out at a leadership conference for the company? I'm struggling to help my peers realize that podcasts are easier than the professional development they are currently doing. It is just that terms like "podcast" and "forum" are unknowns and many of my peers think it will be hard to learn something new.

For now I'll stick with One-on-One forms. I was working with another person and I had been taking notes on the form. It wasn't an official one-on-one. He was helping me with a task and I was using the opportunity to practice some delegation skills. The one-on-one form seemed to fit the need. He asked me where I got the form, so I sent him the link to the One-on-Ones episode in the Basics. It is at least something.

San Diego

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I would really like a nice 8.5 x 11 sheet with "Horstman's Laws" on it. I made one in word once but a nicely designed page with the MT logo would be even better. I used the explanations from the PDF they made available once but I didn't have room to hang all 8 pages so I condensed it down to one page. I would gladly pay for a professionally printed, full color version that I could frame and hang in my cubicle. It might even look better on two pages but any more than that takes up too much room for those of us without an office.

I would also buy some MT branded coffee mugs or a mouse pad.  Knowing that they have MT bags at the conferences makes me wish I could go to one even more. I would even be down for one of the 2 x 3 foot desk pads if you had them.

Time to start the MT store!

Canyon R

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I mentioned the PDF of Horstman's Laws but didn't provide the link.

I would still love a one page version. Can someone add the 9th law to this PDF

"Embrace Reality!" 

Canyon R

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I would love a Intervew Hard Copy or a book/binder textbook sort of the MT resume, interview, and other items to highlight and use for reference! That would be the greatest ever purchase!

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Sign in for a free Zazzle or Cafepress shop, upload logos, collect money. hard is that.


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I can see a range of items for the desktop with a slogan like

'What would MT do?'


'What would MT recommend?'


'What would MT recommend I do?'


'It's all about communication and relationships'

If there was a coffee mug available, I'd buy it.  I can, of course, get my own made for only a few bucks, but it would be nice to see MT making some extra cash from their brand.