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BLUFF: Has anyone received pushback (ie hiring recruiters/managers don't like the format) from hiring managers/recruiters on the MT resume format?

Background: I've been in a job search for about seven months now. I've used the Manager Toots Interview Series and it worked well in the past so I'm using it again. This time around my resume doesn't seem to be getting the traction it did in the past. Obviously, there could be a number of factors causing this; however, a number of recruiters (HR recruiters or external firms) and a few managers have mentioned that the format is hard to scan and have suggested changes. Two suggestions have been most frequent: use only bullet points (no prose), and put the admin section of each role on a separate line.

I'd love to get the perspective from the MT community on this. Has anyone encountered similar challenges with their resume? What changes did you make, if any? I'd be happy to share my resume privately if that helps.

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It is easier on my eyes if the responsibilities are on a new line immediately below the bolded and underlined date, title, company.  I did it with my resume.

I wouldn't call anything on the M-T sample resume "prose."  There are no complete sentences, only predicates.  The subject is you, it does not need to be restated.

"Supervise and control the daily flight operations, maintenance, and industrial process of 60 F-16 aircraft."

I might strike "the" from that fragment.  Otherwise I see value in every word.

I prefer the responsibilities to be formatted differently than the accomplishments.  In the format suggested by M-T, the responsibilities take up less room.  I read the first one or two then skip to accomplishments, where again I read the first one or two.  Only if the leading items grab my attention do I go back and read all the details.

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I've separated the admin section from the rest of each entry. This seems to be working. Much easier to read and quickly scan. Thanks for the advice!