I just wanted to thank MT and all the people that answered my many questions and private messages...

I came to MT after I could not find professional employment. I read everything here I could about working, interviewing, frustrations, etc. I learned this board and I sent a lot of private messages to some wonderful people here. I went on to purchase and learn (I think I have it memorized) the interview series. I purchased the resume service, and it is a great service! I followed everything I was told to do. 

After doing this I went on 3 interviews! I had one that I cancelled due to being ill, the one where I was hired was a second interview, and I went to this one ill. I had another one set up but I cancelled after receiving this offer.

I was given the job in the interview!!

I owe this success to Manager Tools and the people that respond to the boards. I thank you all for helping me with my success!



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And, you owe your success to you.  Credit always goes to the one in the ring.  We're just glad to serve you.  It's a privilege, and reading notes like this, a treat.