Hello, all,

First of all, a little background:

My company operates on a business-to-business model with no public outlet. One of the company's divisions provides contact center services for other companies who wish to outsource their call or chat centers. Our largest client is beginning to roll out the Partners in Leadership management culture at the corporate level, and I am seeing the various tools beginning to trickle down to our site. Due to my experiences at a previous job, I am well-versed in PIL's methods and processes. 

I am on the path to leadership in my company, and when I do achieve that, I want to roll out the O3s. My concern is that this may in some ways conflict with some of the tools that PIL uses. In particular, their Feedback model is radically different from the MT Feedback model. If I am being vague, it is because I know that much of PIL's material is copyrighted, so I am erring on the site of caution.

Has anyone had success with blending the PIL culture with the MT tools? If so, how did you navigate that?

Thanks in advance!