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I am having trouble loading up and logging onto the Manager Tools website with Firefox. The page shows only horizontal bars with the contents of the dropdowns and log on doesn't work. Is this a known problem?  Previously, I have been able to utilize Firefox for access, but now it appears to be broken.


Steve Howard

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Hello Steve,

I'm sorry for the trouble.

And I'm so far unable to reproduce what you're seeing. I'm running Firefox 78.6.1esr (64-bit).

Are you still seeing the issue?



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I just checked and it is now working.

Thanks. Have a great weekend.


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What caused the issue @showard214? 

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I have no idea what caused the issue. It just happens when I utilized Firefox. It has gone back to being a problem again.

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Here's one typical cause:

Browsers speed up repeat visits by temporarily caching copies of scripts, stylesheets, images, and the like.  If one of those cached items has changed on the website, but that's being hidden by the cached copy, you can experience breakages like this.

Once you clear/empty your cache, or the item ages out ("expires") from the cache and gets refreshed, all the pieces are back in synch and unintended breakage should disappear.

Most browsers have some menu item or other way to clear the cache.  By design, many browsers won't clear their caches when you close and open new windows, or even when quitting and restarting the browser application.  So if you want to try clearing caches, check the help-documentation for your browser for details.  For instance, on my Mac laptop, Safari lets you clear caches by menu item "Develop" > "Empty Caches";  enable that "Develop" menu by going into Safari's Preferences, Advanced tab, bottom checkbox "Show Develop menu in menu bar".