Hi all,

I am working on my Career Management Document which will feed into my resume and have the following question:

When I have one large project that has multiple accomplishments, how do I list those in conjunction with the project which is itself an accomplishment?

In my case, I developed a cloud service that my company could sell. I developed the idea by performing research into the market needs, and the various options out there. I selected the equipment that would be used and built the design of the system. I developed vendor partnerships to run the systems. I created a pricing structure based on our costs and profit goals. Finally, I sold the solution to multiple clients, getting it off the ground.

Do I list each one individually and leave the overall project out of it? Do I bundle a few of these into each accomplishment? I would like to know what the community here thinks. Please advise. Thanks.

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Any ideas?

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This "large project" must have been your sole focus for a noticeable period.

On your career management document, list everything, and group under the project.  Your paragraph starting "In my case" is a great first-draft entry there!  Put numbers to each of them so you don't lose them to fallible memory.

On resume, I suggest you cite that project as a separate role, summarize the project in "responsibilities" paragraph, followed by any relevant pieces of what you mention.  It might look like (I'm inventing here for argument's sake):

Feb 2013 - Sep 2014    Senior Product Manager

    General manager for new-venture product:  conceived, implemented, built teams for, set pricing of, and got clients for Cumulonimbus product.  Profit-and-loss responsibility for group of 20.

  • Earned 20% ROI on $3M investment in first 18 months by bringing in twelve Fortune 2000 customers.
  • Broke even in month 13, three months after product introduction.