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Having built a great set of behavioral questions with the Interview Creation Tool, I admit I'm unclear as to one aspect of the MT guidance on multiple interviews.

Specifically, does everyone who is interviewing the candidate ask this same set of questions, or do we want each interviewer make their own set of questions for the position?

If everyone asks the same set of questions, we will still learn different things about the candidate due to the different ways we will each see opportunities for probing. How we each probe will certainly end up taking us down many different paths.

On the other hand, having each interviewer make their own question set for this position will leverage the interviewer's perspective on this position. For example, a software developer who works with a support tech will have different behavioral priorities for the support tech position than a support manager or end user will.

Appreciate your thoughts on this.

I seem to be talking myself into having each interviewer craft their own question set. This should get us a better fit for the team. Also as a practical matter, I don't know if a software developer will be able to effectively probe questions a support manager might ask anyway.