Hello, Great Podcast!!  It was information I hadn't thought of before.  I have a resume question for you...

Out of the 8 jobs on my resume, 4 of them overlap.  In order to keep along with the criteria of having all of them in chronological order, how do I do that if they overlap?

For example, while in school, I had two jobs plus an internship all going on at the same time, but some started before the others; how do I know which to put first, especially if two of them are still on-going right now?

Thanks in advance for your help!


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Remember: description plus accomplishments for every position held. That can take up a lot of space, and sometimes it means weeding out things that are not relevent (especially if they were a long time ago). I don't list any of the jobs that i held in high school or college anymore. .

The first question is whether they belong on there to begin with. If you had an internship relevant to your field while you worked at McDonald's, I'd leave off the McDonald's one and emphasize the internship.

Once you have decided if you want to show them all, I'd be inclined to sort them by start date.