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Hi all

BLUF : Can multiple Peer Project management work ? Or should I create a new Department Head position ?


I was recently promoted to a Director level position.

Among the group that I will be managing is a group of 6 Peer Professional Individual Contributors.

1. They all have some general tasks in common. (answering joint Dept. Emails, being available for walk-in questions, conducting instructional sessions, etc....)

2. They each have some specialized assigned care groups within the organization that they are assigned to service that other department's needs.  (Being liaisons and subject specialist for assigned academic Centers in our University) 

3. They all participate in various cross departmental and intra- & inter-organizational projects.


Some have expressed a desire to have a new "Head" position created to be a manager for them and the projects.

I am reluctant to create a new Department Head just for this purpose --  I believe that I can manage the 6 staff myself 

And yet they expressed the need, and I agree, that the multiple Projects need to be managed. (And,no, not by me.)

* Is it wise to assign each of the Projects to a different Team Lead Project Manager ?

in such a way that each member of the team will be the leader of a Project

* and also assigned with thier Peers as participants in a Peer's Project ?


Does this idea of Peers being leaders/managers of projects and also participants of other peer's projects work ?

Thanks for the input