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I have subscribed to HBR Print and this gives access to the Online articles.

While I am scouting and by trial and error as well as through Cross reference to great articles for learning and implementation. (Mark mention of 4+2 in the Podcast on Retention helped me to dig out the article Job Sculpturing by Butler). That further lead to getting a great article by Butler and Waldroop on managing away bad habits.

Would be a good idea if the members can list in names o[b]f Must Read or best HBR articles that one came across.[/b]


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Great idea. I know Mark will highly disagree with me on this one, but one of my favorites is The Next 20 Years: How Customer and Workforce Attitudes Will Evolve;jsessionid=LUV...

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Apologies. Got it wrong
The HBR article Mark refers as 4+2 in the retention podcast is

What Really Works. by Nitin Noharia and Williams Joyce. July 2003.

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"Demand Better Results--And Get Them" by Robert Schaffer 1991. This was voted a top 10 all time HBR article.

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Don't remember the issue numbers:

"Management Time: Who's Got The Monkey?" by William Oncken

"One More Time: How Do You Motivate Employees?" by Frederick Herzberg.