What do I look for in hiring an admin?  How do I source?  Where do I source?   

My company is offering an early retirement incentive.  My admin is eligible and has hinted she may take it.  She has been with the company a couple decades and knows everyone - EVERYONE.  She always knows who to talk to about everything - not exaggerating.  She manages my schedule and is protectve of my time.  

I am experiencing some anxiety about a possibility that I might have to find someone to replace her.  I fear the darkness of not knowing who to ask - or an admin who doesn't know who to talk to in payroll, printing, bldg mgmt, etc.  

I believe HR is going to say I can't advertise until she leaves (I'll fight that if they do).  Even if I can get some overlap, it will be difficult to time because of the allowable dates in the retirement package.  If she takes the package she must declare before the end of November and must leave between January1-31.  

Any advice - on multiple fronts???

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The titel says it all, really. If she does such a great job and knows everyone, why wouldn't she be a great place to start your search? She's hinted. Ask her.

"Hey, admin, you've hinted that you might accept the early retirement. Although I'd really hate to see you go, I'll be 100% supportive if you do decide to take it. If and when you decide to go - my hope is you'll stay here - can you help me find your replacement before you go? You know what you do better than anyone, so I can't think of a better person to find and train your replacement."