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Hello everyone,

I would like your advise on this situation please.  My bosses boss texted me and two other colleagues two days ago and request a private meeting with him.  He does not want us to inform our direct boss about it and the only request was « to be open and honest ».  

I have listen to the podcast about « Skip Levvel Meetings for Directs » that should apply to this situation according to me.  Resume - staying positive, not saying anything I havent already said to my boss, share my opinion, not fdb, ask about plans, processes and future announcements.  

Any other recommandations would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks,





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Don't really have any advice other than what you already mentioned.

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It went well thanks.  We were chose to speak for the team by our bosses boss.  Many members of our team express frustration about lack of communication from our boss, is style of communication (more by email), girlfriend's boss who is part of our team is perceived to have more privilege than others, many have days off not respected, lack of work.  .

After our meeting, he sent an email to the team and informed them he knows about the situation and will treat this very seriously.  He express is disapointment that some wanted to go to HR with this.  He wrote that he informed our boss about this situation, as he was not aware and express how our boss needs our support in this and have our interest at heart.  It is not is fault because he is doing what he is asked to do and he is working hard.  He promise the team that we will see some changes.

I am learning a lot from this right now.  I will not express in writing all the info because there is much more than that. 


Thanks to Manager Tools because it help me to understand a lot more today.