I don't know how else to explain it. He has been blaming outside circumstances on the lack of productivity but all the barriers have been removed and it appears that he does not want his work product to see the light of day for fear there might be a mistake. Looking for ways to start a dialogue, help him get past it. Anyone else feel like they need a psychology degree to manage people??

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Check out the casts on a High C. It may help you out here since it seems like there is a perfectionist in the house.

Perhaps you can also push the 70% rule.

A 70% solution (with the right infrastructure to push it further towards 100%) is better than 0%. Also, as Mark & Mike always say, "Don't make the perfect the enemy of the good".

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 Thanks very much for the suggestions, this will get me started!

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Just relationships and communication.  Provide negative feedback on how his disinclination to deliver a result is impacting himself and others, and encourage him to share with you what he *has* done so far, and provide positive feedback on that.

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 It was enlightening, I needed to hear the good intention behind the behavior, if that makes sense. Matt, thanks for the advice, will work on this, I think I'm past just being pissed/frustrated and am ready to take productive action. Thanks for the help!!