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Hi everyone, as always I find manager tools amazing. I think I've got a tricky one here. I have a direct who has been deployed into a project as the project support officer (comms/meetings/minutes etc.) with a Project Manager who is a peer of mine. So essentially my direct is 'borrowed' for the duration of this project with dotted line report to the P.M.. 

I have regular one on ones with my direct and they always go very well. Recently my direct has gone around the Project Manager's back by speaking with the Project's Executive to get green lights on little things such as capturing information for the project putting up communication posters that have not been properly approved by either the project manager or the executive. She gets around this by saying to one or the other that Person A (or B) said they were ok with it.  Sort of like 'asking Mom, then asking Dad' 

The P.M. and the Executive will be holding a meeting with my direct with regards to this behaviour - which I've only seen within the project.  I am not great with conflict and would prefer that they sorted it out between the three of them. Or should I 'man up' and be there to as her 'general' manager?  Any guidance or if you've been in this situation before I'd be very grateful for any suggestions. 

Thanks all!