I have received an invitation from my mentor to attend a presentation in May.
I see this is a perfect opportunity to apply the MT handshake, raised eyebrows and grow my network.

The issue I have is the only person at the event I will know is my mentor (he is leading the presentation) and any introductions with other people will be limited.

This is my first chance at networking at an event and would love to hear any tips you have?

What would you do in this type of situation?

Thank you!

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A few thoughts:

Ask your mentor for a list of the attendees with their title, company and contact information. Having this before the meeting would be nice, but after is OK too.

Get there early.

As people arrive, just stick your hand out and say "Hi, I'm Gareth." It seems like a big deal when you're the one doing it, but the recipient will appreciate your warmth.

After the meeting, send a "Nice to meet you" note with a business card or contact information. This is helpful because if they are meeting a lot of people the second pass will help them remember you.

It's really hard for me to walk up to someone and introduce myself. However I've found the fear is overwhelmingly outweighed by the enjoyment and success one gets by meeting people. Good luck!

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Don't forget to listen to the November 13, 2006 podcast "How to Politely Become Part of a Group".

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Thanks Rob and GR. Nice work.


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Thank you Rob and GR.

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It might also be helpful to remember that as difficult as it is for YOU to self introduce, it is just as difficult or more for others to self introduce. By you taking the initiative with positive energy and smiles, you are removing a huge barrier and alleviating a ton of nervousness and anxiety.

That positive first step should go a long way to both attracting the people at the function who are in tune with this vibe and helping you to build a quality network.


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Hi Gareth,

my quick tip - in my experience important people (ie those in senior positions) don't usually get there without being good at the making people feel at ease. They will introduce themselves; they will make chitchat. That stuff won't all be on you, usually.

I hope that's reassuring!


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They will introduce themselves; they will make chitchat. That stuff won't all be on you, usually.

Hi Wendii,

Very good point you make.

I plan on taking a deep breath and throwing myself in, nothing like learning to swim in the deep end.