My manager asks me to give him feedback about something he can do better each year during my review. How should I approach and answer his question?

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He insists I come up with one thing. I think he does everything just fine, no complaints. Further answering this question at all goes against the advice of not giving your manager feedback.

Thank you

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Rather than telling him what he is doing "wrong", why not think about a way you could be more efficient with his help?  For example, my staff told me that if I were to give them "Project A" on Mondays instead of Tuesdays, they could guarantee cheques out the door Wednesday mornings which ensures our bills are paid on time, thus no late fees.

This was a small, obvious (to them) thing that I had overlooked.  We haven't paid a late fee in well over 2 years.

What are you doing that your boss is hindering, probably without realizing it?  Do you need more feedback, coaching or more challenging work?  These are things that you could mention also.  Approach it not with a "you are rude to customers" type of feedback, but a "you could help me by doing ____". 


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I kind of like the start, stop, continue concept.

While it's hard to tell your boss to stop something, you might be able to tell him some things that he could start doing that would be helpful to the team and what things he does that are helpful and should continue to do.