I'm sure many on this forum have experienced this, you've done your homework, you've got a brilliant idea, you go to a meeting and as soon as you start to talk your big mouth manager talks over the top of you! Does he know better, probably not. It's just the way it is.

The team I work with are very professional polite people who will not challenge this guy at all - and unfortunately I'm one of them. I'm not sure if he has a problem with self confidence, or he is a megalomaniac. Either way he makes life at work miserable for all of us. I am Serbian and have lived in Australia half of my life and speak with an accent. This does not help me either.

I want to speak back over the top of him but feel this will only make the situation worse. My manager does not listen, has all the answers and is rude not only to his team but has the same arrogant attitude with our customers.

I need some suggestions on how to deal with this type of personality?

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There are two issues here: preparing the attendees at your meeting for your presentation, and your manager interrupting you.

For the first, I recommend the “prewire” podcast:

And there was a good discussion a while back on the topic of an interrupting boss:

Are these relevant to your situation?


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The advice most of us will give you for dealing with your boss is pretty simple. You have two choices:

* Learn to love him and his flaws, focus on his strengths, and make him look good. In short, get over it and do not try to manage your boss.

* Leave.

Just about any other option exposes you to layoffs, being set up, being fired instantly, getting into an argument with your boss (which leads to setups, layoffs, and firings).

Do not give your boss feedback. Do not "go marching in there."

Recommended podcasts on learning to love your boss:

And if you decide you have had enough:

And a couple I wrote, the first about getting along with your boss...

And getting rid of your boss if you just can't take it.

I recommend you look for feedback for yourself within your boss's behavior. He may be sending you signals about your own behavior. When he looks irritated, stop doing whatever it was you were doing just then.

Happy boss = lower stress at work = longer employment = bigger raise.


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Agreed - talking back over him is a bad idea.The prewire cast that jhack references is especially applicable here. It could be that the boss takes over becasue is surprised. Might be able to set the stage in advance for him to be aware of the idea and have some "think time".

Also, you may want to delineate between your boss taking over the conversation or taking over the idea and representing it as his own. If it is the former, you have a lot more to work with as it may be a communication style (albiet not a good one). If it is the latter, then I suspect that you have much bigger issues. Just a thought.