Mark and Mike:

I can't thank you guys enough. Like you guys I started my adult life as an officer in the Army. (I was in the Infantry though. ) I learned a lot about how to lead and did rather well in the three years I was on active duty. Then I deceided to go to law school about fifteen years ago. I managed to forget everthyting I ever learned about management. After law School I practiced with a firm and about the only supervisory duties I had was to my admin. Then four years ago I opened my own firm. Within a couple of years we grew to having a number of attorneys and staff. The jagernaut was getting out of control. Staff turnover started out high. We hired all the wrong people. Some of the folks just were not getting direction and guidance.

One afternoon I was tlaking with one of my problem attorneys about how he was dealing with staff. I told him that he needed to work with staff and if they didn't meet his expectations, to give them some feedback. He told me, "coming from you, that is f----- hilarious." After I got over his insubordination, It dawned on me that I needed to be drawing those concentric circles around my desk to get to the bottom of my problems.

Then I found Manager Tools and started putting it to work. We got fired up on One one Ones, the feedback model, coaching and all the rest. I took advice from the New Years show and "fired" the problem attorney. (Actually I Coached, feedbacked and One on oned him out the front door. Too bad the resignations casts weren't out yet.)

You guys are great. I refer my subordinates to Manager Tools and make some of the casts required listening.

Keep it up and Thank you once again.

P.S. I really liked ton anniversary show.

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Huah! We were supporting you then, and we're supporting you now!

When I first started reading your post about the Infantry, and then I remembered you talking about yelling at someone, I thought, NAAAH, it CAN'T be the same guy.

Glad you're a member.

It's a privilege to serve you once again.