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There are just too many posts and podcasts that I want to acknowledge when a really great comment that was made, but I don't necessarily have anything substantial to add to the discussion. If I were speaking with someone in person I would smile or nod, but online...well I suppose there are emoticons... but I keep finding myself looking for the "like" button to click... or better yet the "interesting" or "educational" buttons such as those in Ravelry forums.

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 you could always do it the old school way - Bump:)

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Excellent point, JDBrown1998! (See what I did there?)

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Interesting. I just realized that I came from a long time online education community in which posting comments that don't add something substantial to the discussion beyond "good point" or similar were discouraged. You've given me something to think about. Thanks Glenn and JD.

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 I want a like button and a twitter feed for at least the pod casts if not the discussion forums too.



EDIT: Seriously how hard would it be to get Manager Tools Podcast and Career Tools Podcast Twitter handles.  We could all follow them, re tweet some of the podcasts.  You could #conferences and people who have never been to one would get an insight to what goes on and what is discussed.

You could at least make add a button so users here could share the podcast or newsletter via twitter.

Hay what'd ya know.  You can follow manager tools, and Mark, Mike, and Wendii on twitter.  #RTFM



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 Me too! I miss the like button on the forum!